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If you have the 10th best car on the grid, your final finishing position is going to be an estimated th. You should no longer be able to hire drivers who will completely outperform the car by ridiculous levels Yes! Slots money rain mod will casinoeuro ohne einzahlung be able to get Archer promoted in season 1! While the read more will now develop increased development costs in APSC slots money rain mod. Overall, this helps the AI be less bad with their money.

The chassis stats will now have secondary effects in regard to the makeup of your car. Tooltip of the Performance Breakdown is no longer correct as the graphics were not designed to have these different values take place. In here first season, and any season which you change teams, you and the will been to slots money rain mod Tech Decay.

The AI will never suffer the same penalty. These effects are felt stronger check this out the top leagues and not felt much at all in the lower leagues. Drivers will now be a lot less happy about driving poor to mediocore cars. They want to drive for teams that win. For further strategies, see this post: The shortest game play mode has gone. Sorry to those who liked it. This slots money rain mod all thanks to Brian who also added in some new traits and emailsso go say thanks to him on his development thread: In this version, you should now get 4 Interview questions per race, including the two questions about individual performance which I fixed in 1.

This should keep the variety open a little more. Dilemmas have also been extended and re-balanced, proving a little more variety there. Secondly, there is a longer version x3 of each slots money rain mod. Up front payments have been inversely balanced based on the sponsor star rating. These changes allows for new strategies when determining choosing your drivers and choosing your sponsors.

As this mod changes both the slots money rain mod resource. Пошли, vegas slot machines free online отметила: below for a full list of the asset files used.

ChangeLog from Vanilla Assets Buildings. So now the team will massively be more marketabile and appealing to sponsor, the better they are doing. Randomised Conditon Loss events If anyone counts, there is exactly 10 occurances of the condition loss that happens through a race. This tweak means that anywhere between 8 to click at this page tic of condition loss will occur.

Buildings The Telemetry Centre and Simulator visit web page depend on the Staff Housing level 2 instead of only design and factory — Encourages Players to build this building, as it otherwise only used for stat improvement of drivers — nearly useless in the vanilla game.

Factory now has less works available at level 2, 3 and 4. Climate Increased the chance of storms happening in some climates. Dilemmas Re-balanced some existing dilemmas Added a whole heep of alternative dilemmas based off of pre-existing ones. Bumped the short race duration. Interrviews Increased the post-race interview count to 4. Assembly aid Fixed what was broken regarding RaceVsExpectation.

Investors Added a forth investor. Edited the investor bonuses to allow for different type of playthroughs. This click to see more force you a change in your chassis strategy Chassis Supplier stats have been re-balanced, so you have to make choices to priorities one stat or the other, bestes online casino bonus compromise both. Times have now been randomised between a minimum and maximum.

This makes the characters more impactful. Added yet some more personality traits Player Default Lowered initial player Race Management, Loyalty and Finance stats from 10, 10, 10 to 2, 2, 2. Rule Changes I changed the Merit Payments to be more severe.

Simulation Settings Changed Short Qualify from 8 minutes to 5 minutes to make it a one shot qualifying. Change Medium Qualifying from 10 minutes to 12 minutes. Changed Long Qualifying from 12 Minutes to 18 minutes, to ensure that all cars can get in a good lap.

SingSeaterDesignData Slots money rain mod the performance gap for all parts. Increased Critical Part performance spread. This is to increase the importance of car performance, spreading the gaps between poor, average and good cars. This should make it foxwoods casino even Rodrigues will not be able to win every race in poor Ричард, online gambling with bitcoin плыла. Decreased wear of Push and Attack, and also increasing the speed bonus Push slots money rain mod Attack.

Increased the change setup time delay to prevent players from continually coming in on their outlap to refine the setup quickly. Feedback is now more important too to make slots money rain mod for this increased setup delay. Sponsors Created a longer version x3 of each sponsor.

Probably going to be readjusted once long term effects of the new sponsor game-play kicks in Tutorials Changed a few lines so that the new Chassis Stats were explained a little in the tooltips when creating a chassis. Chairman Set some changes of Season Expecations. Driver Rebalanced the driver moral change per race. Reduced Promotion Parts Stats from x1 to x0.

Increased the costs of the type of Tyres from — 25, to 10, —to add some rule diversity. GameTime Changed the race play speeds to 1. Decreased Loyalty and Finance Stat growth from 0. Person Improved reserve driver bonusImprovementAmount from 2 to 4, meaning the reserve driver accelerates slots money rain mod growth.

Race Director Changed slots money rain mod flag duration to s. SessionEvents Set spins to decrease as a race goes on Let lock ups occur during the latter parts of the race raised spin and crash thrsholds Increase the impoerance of Focus and Fitness to increase the lockups and spins. Decreased the importance of rain for lockups and spins. Team Changed the TeamMarketability equation. TyrePerformance Added in time cost for cold tyres and additional wear for hot tyres Tyre Sets Added some randomess to tyre blanket effectivness Added some puncture stuff.

WeatherImpact Introduced a new time cost for the cars learn more here the track is low on grip. Now the Injector can go and retire on a beach. Made the Factory less overpowered I have decreased the number of staff available at level 2, 3 and 4. This is particulary true in this mod where spending more on the chassis raises base reliability above the vanilla game. Spins are a thing! Your driver can now spinout!

This can cause slots money rain mod interesting problems, including a massive chain reaction of chaos if the spin is in a lead car and several are following closely. Suspension damage in collisions Rear wings are very rarely damaged, so now slots money rain mod is damaged instead. Marketability Adjustment The Total Marketability is now a new rule….

But there is now a new reason why your car may retire: Randomised Political Vote Numbers In the vanilla game, there was exactly 4 votes per season. In my previous builds, there has been 8, and more recently 6 when the addition of a player vote option became available. Now, there is a random number of vote to occur in any season resulting in some seasons having more political events then others. When exiting the pits, the tyres will be cooler then normal It may be random, at either each pitstop slots money rain mod at different race venues — depending if the slots money rain mod rolls this random trigger before the race or during.

Change of start of Chairman season objectives. The chairman now demands that you maintain the position or improve! Also, no longer can you choose to finish 10th! Relegation is not an option! In the vanilla game, the car performance point total is king.

In previous versions of this mod, having the best critical see more was king. This has been tweaked that both are now important and the ratios vary depending on the series type. Work out the best way to build your cars.

Dilemma and interview tweaks — including a minor dll tweak. As part of an ongoing project, a number of interview tweaks have been added to enable the possibility of different interviews spawning. It has also got some re-balanced and new custom preseason dilemmas and normal dilemmas. Tyre Temperature Matters and not just the extremes. Tyre temperatures use to do nothing slots money rain mod you were at the maximum or minimum.

Anything in between did nothing…. Now Cold tyres will wear less then normal, but will also have less grip, increasing laptime. Meanwhile, Hot tyres will be all warm and rubbery so have more grip available, decreasing laptime.

But they will also wear at an increased rate. Managing your tyre temperatures is now more important then ever, and is a new variable for you to be concourse of during the race. Recent Posts Mod 1.

If you have the 10th best car on the grid, your final finishing position is going to be an estimated th. You should no longer be able to hire drivers who will.

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